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Hamlet (Classic Radio Theatre)

Ronald Pickup, Angela Pleasance, and Maxine Audley star in this BBC Radio 4 1971 production of Shakespeare's famous tragedy of the Prince of Denmark.

Written over 400 years ago, Hamlet still remains one of the most powerful, influential, and thrilling tragedies in the English language.

The story of Prince Hamlet and his quest for vengeance has been interpreted countless times on stage, film, and television. With its riveting plot, featuring murder and supernatural horror, and presenting possibly the most fascinating character in the history of drama, it never fails to enthral.

This BBC archive production from 1971 was produced by the renowned John Tydeman and features a cast of highly regarded actors, with music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

The Classic Radio Theatre range presents notable radio productions of much-loved plays by some of the most renowned playwrights, and starring some of our finest actors.

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Coraline: An Adventure Too Weird for Words

Coraline has been made into an animated feature film directed by Henry Selick, director of Tim Burton�s The Nightmare Before Christmas, with a cast including Teri Hatcher, Ian McShane, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Dakota Fanning.

Shortly after moving into an old house Coraline discovers a big, carved, brown wooden door at the far corner of the drawing room. And it is locked. Curiosity runs riot in Coraline's mind and she unlocks the door to see what lies behind it. Disappointingly, it opens onto a brick wall. Days later, after exploring the rest of the house and garden, Coraline returns to the same mysterious door and opens it again. This time, however, there is a dark hallway in front of her. Stepping inside, the place beyond has an eerie familiarity about it. The carpet and wallpaper are the same as in her flat. The picture hanging on the wall is the same. Almost. Strangest of all, her mum and dad are there too. Only they have buttons for eyes and seem more possessive than normal. It's a twisted version of her world that is familiar, and yet sinister. And matters get even more surreal for Coraline when her "other" parents seem reluctant to let her leave.


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Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

Businesses hoping to survive over the long term will have to remake themselves into better competitors at least once along the way. These efforts have gone under many banners: total quality management, reengineering, rightsizing, restructuring, cultural change, and turnarounds, to name a few. In almost every case, the goal has been to cope with a new, more challenging market by changing the way business is conducted. A few of these endeavors have been very successful. A few have been utter failures. Most fall somewhere in between, with a distinct tilt toward the lower end of the scale. John Kotter is renowned for his work on leading organizational change. In 1995, when this article was first published, he had just completed a 10-year study of more than 100 companies that attempted such a transformation. Here he shares the results of his observations, outlining the eight largest errors that can doom these efforts and explaining the general lessons that encourage success.

From the January 2007 issue of Harvard Business Review.


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Hollywood Stage - The Champ

Hollywood is indelibly printed in our minds as the 'go-to' place for entertainment and has been for decades.  

When there really did seem to be more stars in Hollywood than in heaven, Hollywood Stage had them performing films as radio plays - on the sponsor's dime, of course.  

Classic films now become audiobooks, with many featuring the original stars from way back when. Here's The Champ starring Wallace Beery.


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Laure Gontier :"La pensée positive est le pilier de la Californie": Chiffon le podcast - Saison 2, 21

Pour ce nouvel épisode, je vous invite en Californie pour une virée à Los Angeles en compagnie de Laure Gontier. Cette parisienne y a vécu trois ans et a décidé, à son retour, d'écrire un livre sur l'art de vivre et le bonheur à la "Californienne". Laure reconnaît avoir changé après cette expérience de vie... Finie la Parisienne "ronchon" en quête du look parfait, place à la Laure en quête du "lâcher prise".

Au travers de cette interview, vous allez apprendre un tas de choses sur la Californie : la météo, les fringues, l'art de la détox, la healthy food, la beauté... et surtout, la "happy thérapie". Après cet épisode, vous n'aurez qu'une seule idée en tête : "think positive" !

Cet épisode a été réalisé grâce au soutien de Bangle Up Paris.

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Death of a Salesman

Arthur Miller's most famous play, Death of a Salesman, has become a key text in Western literature. This unusually powerful recording, made for radio in 1953, was directed by Elia Kazan who premiered the play. It features Thomas Mitchell and Arthur Kennedy as father and son.

Willy, a travelling salesman, based in New York, relentlessly chases material success. As the disappointing nature of his reality crowds in upon him, Willy and his family suffer the tragic cost of his delusions of greatness. A domestic tragedy, a cynical indictment of materialism and the American Dream, and a profoundly moving story of one man's struggle to maintain his dignity in the face of continual adversity - Miller's play is essential listening.


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Mrs McGinty's Dead (Dramatised)

The gruesome death of Mrs McGinty provokes Superintendent Spence to seek the help of his old ally Hercule Poirot.

The victim's young lodger has been found guilty and is due to hang. But Spence is not convinced by the circumstantial evidence which influenced the verdict. So, at considerable personal discomfort, Poirot goes down to the sleepy village where the old lady lived and where, by chance, his good friend Ariadne Oliver is also staying.

There he alights upon his first and most crucial clue - a newspaper article on the present whereabouts of women implicated in notorious murder cases. Did Mrs McGinty have to die because she had identified one of her neighbours as a brutal killer? Is that killer still at large, and can Poirot and Ariadne act swiftly enough to save an innocent man from the gallows?

Agatha Christie's intriguing mystery is dramatised with a full cast including Julia McKenzie and George Baker.

John Moffatt stars as Hercule Poirot.

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A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens' classic tale of love, loss, and hope comes to life in an all new original musical featuring Colin Baker (Doctor Who). When the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge (Anthony D.P. Mann) receives ghostly visitations one fateful Christmas Eve, he is shown the error of his ways. This inspirational new adaptation is brimming with holiday warmth and music that will ensure its place as a new tradition for families.


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Heidi (BBC Children's Classics)

A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Johanna Spyri's endearing Swiss classic.

When Heidi, a lively orphan girl, goes to live with her grandfather in a little hut high in the Alps, she soon learns to live in perfect harmony with her surroundings, leading a carefree life with her constant companion, Peter, a young goatherd.

But her happiness is short-lived when she is sent to stay with a rich city family as a companion for the sick Clara. Although she becomes fond of the older girl, Heidi is terribly homesick. Will she ever be able to return to the Alps and the happiness she once knew with her friends?

Johanna Spyri's touching story of the adventures of a young Swiss girl is one of the most popular children's stories ever written. Heidi's pleasure in the beauty of the Swiss mountains and her rich relationships with her friends and family are perfectly evoked in this warm and lively dramatisation.

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Romeo and Juliet: Oregon Shakespeare Festival Audio Theater [Dramatized]


  • Kevin Fugaro as Benvolio
  • Miles Fletcher as Paris
  • Fajer Al-Kaise as Tybalt
  • Mikkie Fritz as Balthazar
  • Joe Wegner as Peter
  • Jimmy Garcia as Samson and Viejo
  • David Salsa as Abraham, Friar John, and Soldier
  • Danielle Chavez as Valentina
  • Heath Koerschgen as Gregorio and Soldier
  • Brittany Brook as Rosaline
  • Shadee Vossoughi as Ensemble

Blackstone Audio is proud to present the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's 2012 production of Romeo and Juliet, one of Shakespeare's most beloved tragedies. This stunning work of audio theater, fully dramatized with performances by the OSF cast, is a must-listen.

A love to die for...

When you are passionately, purely in love, nothing else matters - not even life itself. Shakespeare's consummate tragedy of young lovers swept into a catastrophic vortex of misunderstandings, secrets, and fate is set in 1840s Alta California, a vibrant and conflicted time in our history. Romeo and Juliet, the son and daughter of two landed families locked in an old feud, are irresistibly drawn to each other. Defying the hatred and distrust surrounding them, they dare to believe they can - and must - be together.

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