3 Ways to Prepare for Christmas in Advance
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When the weeks fly by as quickly as they often seem to now, Christmas is always just around the corner. And by the time November swings around and we all start frantically trying to prepare ourselves for the upcoming holiday, it's almost too late, and something is always inevitably forgotten. So how can you get around this? Prepare early!

Being prepared early is the key to an easy and stress-free Christmas -- and isn't hard to do. Having your toys and gifts wrapped, your turkey in the freezer and your decor selected can be done months and months in advance, meaning December 25th can be a great day for the kids -- and for you.

Christmas dinner..and all the other holiday meals 

It seems crazy that you can prepare for Christmas dinner well in advance, but imagine how much easier it would make the big day!

The grocery shopping alone for dinner and the celebratory meals that come before and after it, is colossal and incredibly time consuming. It not only means operating a trolley fuller than at any other time of the year, it also mean negotiating stores full of people all vying for the same products in a race against time!

Organisations like Crisco enable you to select the groceries you need a year prior to Christmas, pay them off over twelve months, and have them delivered weeks before the big day. If this is not for you, then you can prepare without leaving the house, by ordering all your groceries online from your supermarket, and having them delivered when you need them.


Setting your table and decorating your home can run into a lot of dollars if you leave it until the month before Christmas -- but if you're well prepared you can save and make life easier. In the weeks following Christmas, everything from specialty shops to department stores sell their Christmas decor at hugely discounted prices -- and the beauty is, Christmas decor changes vary little from year to year. So head to the sales in January and pick up everything you need for next year, be prepared and save your money! Once you have the decor once, you just need to store it for the year and bring it out again next December.


While the big, decorated trees give a sense of joy and excitement, negotiating busy Christmas stores can be one of the least exciting things about Christmas. So why not get on early? For many of us, the idea of being organised enough to trawl the stores in March, June or September in order to tick off all the wish lists is almost as daunting as the hustle and bustle of Christmas eve, last minute shopping.

So don't negotiate the stores at all. You can buy toys online, jewelry through specialist websites, clothes, arts, experiences and any other gift you can imagine, at competitive prices. And don't be concerned that you're taking your business overseas, there are a vast array of Australian owned, online stores that can cater for your every need. So put a Sunday evening aside, grab a glass of wine and do your Christmas shopping in advance, from home.

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