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The bicycle races were predominantly composed of kids who had the desire to participate in motocross but could not afford it. Instead, these riders would groom their own dirt courses and use their bikes. Today's BMX racing tracks, with inline starts and expressive obstacles, trace back to this origin.

Choosing the Best Cycle
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Ideally, the purpose of use should be the decisive factor when buying a cycle. Given the range of cycles that are created for specific purposes, one is sure to find a bike that best suits one's requirement. One can explore the numerous bike sales to get an idea of the different types and ranges of cycles that are available.

For the environment conscious, who wish to reduce their carbon footprint by opting for a green mode of transport, a cycle, which is one of the oldest green modes of transport, is the perfect choice. Those looking to buy a bike for daily commute should invest in a cycle like the Road bike, a Flat Bar Road bike or a Fixie bike which are constructed specifically for daily commute and for riding on roads.
Those looking for adventure should opt for bicycles like the Mountain bikes or the Dual Mountain Suspension bikes. Created to endure all types of terrains, these bicycles boast of strong frames, with suspension absorbers being one of their top features. For recreation purposes, a BMX bicycle is the apt choice. Perfect for all age groups, a BMX cycle is available in a number of designs and styles and is best suited for jumps, races, and freestyle.
The long distance traveller should opt for a tour bike as it boasts of multiple storage compartments for food, drinks, and a sleeping bag as well. Easy to ride, the touring bicycle is good for both, on and off road use. Finally, when it comes to pure leisure, a Cruiser bike or a Hybrid bike is the apt choice.
Once the purpose of use has been finalised, one can look through the numerous bike sales to find a great deal on one's choice of bicycle. One can look for bike sales online or even in one's neighbourhood. The bike sales even offer some good deals on used cycles. This is especially a great option if one is not too keen to spend a lot of money on a new cycle.
Thus, depending on the need, purpose, availability and price, one can find the best cycle or bike that meets all of one's requirements.
Be it it's uses or design, today the cycle has grown into one of the most popular and preferred modes of transport. Given the variety in the size, design and features, one is spoilt for choice when it comes to buying a bicycle.
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