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Short bursts of intense exercise 'better for weight loss'

Researchers suggest bursts of high intensity workouts, like sprinting, are more effective for weight loss.

Most hip and knee replacements 'last longer than thought'

This helps doctors who often struggle to answer questions from patients on how they will last.

Brain function of night owls and larks differ, study suggests

Late risers have poorer attention, slower reactions and increased sleepiness, a study suggests.

A&E waits at worst level for 15 years in England

Nearly 330,000 A&E patients waited for more than four hours last month in England.

'Know your cholesterol like you know your Pin code'

Going for a free health check could flag up early signs of cardiovascular disease, health bodies say.

Chemicals 'repair damaged neurons in mice'

Some early studies in mice suggest drugs can be developed to halt mental decline, say scientists.

Cannabis use in teens linked to depression

Experts link use of the drug in teenage years to cases of depression later in life.

Call the Midwife: BBC in abortion advice row

As Call the Midwife tackles the issue, BBC Action Line users say there is no advice on abortion.

Send patients email not letters, GPs told

Health Secretary Matt Hancock wants to see email used to communicate test results and prescriptions.

Having HPV 'isn't rude or shameful'

Most women have some form of the infection in their lifetime so shouldn't be embarrassed, experts say.