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Stunning Collection Of Fragrance

Every lady seems the need to manage herself. And so should she. By looking after herself, she makes sure that she keeps herself actually fit, eating healthy food, keeps herself effective with her work, manages her close relatives, and creates sure that she looks prim and appropriate all over. However, there is one thing that a lady should not skip, and that is making sure to put on the right fragrance.

Beauty Fragrance

Calvin Klein Be Eau De Toilette, 100ml

Top: Bergamot, mandarin, juniper, lavender, peppermint and green notes middle: jasmine, orchid, freesia, magnolia with a fresh hint of peach bottom: cedar, amber, musk, sandal and vanilla.

Eau De Toilette




BRAND - Calvin Klein

SIZE - 100ml

COLOR - Multicolor

Sku: B000C2104G

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MRP - INR 2,569.00

Selling Price - INR 2,569.00

Discount - 25%

Park Avenue Men's Classic Deo Set 150ml, Buy 2 Get 1 (Good Morning, Cool Blue and Storm)

Kick-start your day with Park Avenue's all top range in Deo to make most of the opportunities that lies ahead.

8 hours freshness with freshness lock technology

Keeps body odour away

Long lasting fragrance

BRAND - Park Avenue

Sku: B075MGGBL1

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MRP - INR 339.00

Selling Price - INR 339.00

Discount - 15%

W.O.W. Perfumes Black Jack Perfume for Men, 100ml

W.O.W. Perfumes presents This 'Black Jack' Perfume with A Revitalizing Fragrance for The Confident Men Of Today. Top Note: This Fragrance Has A Spicy, Citrus, Fresh, Top Note with Hints Of Lavender Middle Note: It Has A Masculine Patchouli Character At The Heart, Ideal for The Macho Men Of Today. Base Note: This Intoxicating Perfume Has Base Notes Of Sandalwood, Cedarwood Which Add To Its Strength and Make It Really Long Lasting.

Perfume with A Revitalizing Fragrance for The Confident Men Of Today

Handy Perfume That Can Be Easily Carried In Purse, Office Bag, Cars. This Fragrance Has A Spicy Citrus Fresh Top Note and with An Intoxicating Patchouli Character At The Heart

Exudes an enchanting aroma

BRAND - W.O.W. Perfumes


In Stock

MRP - INR 599.00

Selling Price - INR 599.00

Discount - 10%

Fogg Sprays Fragrance Body Spray For Men Imperial, 150ml

Vini Cosmetics Private limited offers personal care and over-the-counter products. The company owns the brands Fogg, 18+ deodorants and white tone talc.

Soothing experience throughout the day

Ensures you 800 sprays

Consists of refreshing

Long lasting fragrance

BRAND - Fogg

Sku: B00YEK03VS

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MRP - INR 161.00

Selling Price - INR 161.00

Discount - 30%

Denver Perfume, Hamilton Pride, 100ml

Make your own rules and never let time decide what you do, when you do. Every time you step out, be the life of the party with this vibrant and infectiously energetic fragrance that sparks conversation. The aura of a gentleman. Relish the spirit of true admiration.

Keeps body odour away

Keeps you fresh and clean

Long lasting fragrance

BRAND - Denver

COLOR - Blue


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MRP - INR 499.00

Selling Price - INR 499.00

Calvin Klein Eternity EDT for Men, 100ml

Top: Lavender, mandarin orange, bergamot and lemon middle: coriander, lily, orange blossom, juniper berries, basil, jasmine, sage, lily-of-the-valley and geranium bottom: sandalwood, amber, musk, vetiver and brazilian rosewood.

The warm, soft scents of the calvin klein eternity EDT will intoxicate your significant other and leave her craving for more

Boasting of timeless elegance, you will surely make this scintillating fragrance your signature scent

Fragrance Notes: The perfume starts out with a subtle hint of mandarin, lavender and green botanic, while geranium, jasmine, sage, basil and sandalwood form heart notes of this perfume, these ingredients beautifully settle on a warm base of rosewood, vetiver and amber

Directions: For daily wear, parties and special occasions.

BRAND - Calvin Klein

SIZE - 100ml

COLOR - Multi

Sku: B00021AKJI

In Stock

MRP - INR 3,394.00

Selling Price - INR 3,394.00

Discount - 25%

Park Avenue Epic Body Fragrance, 150ml

Park Avenue epic for the men whose style and class are simply epic. Fragrance has got vibrant aroma of aqua and citrus amalgamation laden with ylang accords. It settles with fine musky and woody undertones to make it best in class.

Irresistible fragrance

Higher concentration of perfume (2 times)

Specially designed fragrance which lasts longer when you party

BRAND - Park Avenue

Sku: B074N47KMR

In Stock

MRP - INR 160.00

Selling Price - INR 160.00

Discount - 20%

Yardley English Lavender Body Spray, 150ml

In every whiff of Yardley London women’s range, you can hear whispers of the lush English gardens. The house of Yardley specializes in classic, single note scents, and trend-led floral bouquets to give you a scent of the English luxury.

Contemporary range of fragrances crafted from a bouquet of flowers. Experience the scent of fresh flowers from the English countryside in every spray

Yardley creates this deodorant fundamentally for the contemporary women who believe in subtlety

Energizing and rejuvenating, English Lavender Deodorant Spray keeps body odor at bay and gives you a refreshing feel

Yardley Refreshing Body Spray English Lavender is a signature fragrance that combines lavender leaves, neroli, and clary sage with a heart of lavender oil and geranium and deeper notes of sandalwood and tonka bean

Be assured that the smell of this deodorant will uplift your mood and aid you in carrying out your daily activities with vigor as it is long lasting

BRAND - Yardley

Sku: B00HT030Q0

In Stock

MRP - INR 143.00

Selling Price - INR 143.00

Discount - 25%

Park Avenue Elevate Perfume Spray 100g, Buy 1 Get 1 Free

The sensual yet masculine fragrance in elevate perfume spray combined with emollient which acts as an anti-irritant gives you a relaxed day ahead.

Irresistible fragrance

Anti-bacterial properties

Long lasting fragrance

BRAND - Park Avenue

COLOR - Multicolor

Sku: B073ZDZSX4

In Stock

MRP - INR 187.00

Selling Price - INR 187.00

Discount - 20%

Park Avenue Alexander Body Fragrance, 150ml

Park Avenue alexander truly for masculine spirit which is high in optimism. Top note opens up with bergamot and settles down with musk and amber. It has floral notes at the heart which will ensure spirits are always high.

Quantity: 150ml; Item Form: Spray

Higher concentration of perfume (2 times)

Specially designed fragrance which lasts longer when you party

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Usage: Give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it. You should hold the can approximately 15cm from your body or clothes as you spray it.

Target Audience: Men

Package Contents: 1 Body Spray

BRAND - Park Avenue

Sku: B074N9KSKP

In Stock

MRP - INR 120.00

Selling Price - INR 120.00

Discount - 40%